Meet The J. Goods Experience

The J. Goods Experience

Bio by Kelcy Wilburn

The J. Goods Experience brings the grit, smoke, and mystique of a lamp-lit French Quarter street
 corner to the stage with electrifying intensity, taking audiences on hypnotic, uplifting musical
 journeys through time and through the soul. Curated by songwriter/bandleader J. Goods, each
 collaborative performance unites musicians and audiences with a grooving, moving danceable
 darkness grounded in emotive blues, jazz, and wild western soundscapes.

The J. Goods Experience con los hermanos (Summit County, co)

About The J. Goods Experience con Los Hermanos

Summit county, CO

The J. Goods Experience and Los Hermanos are both based out of Summit County. This combination of Latin Funk, Cumbia, Blues and Jazz creates a sound unlike any other. It's raw and psychedelic with exciting dynamics that move from danceable to bone chilling. You've never heard anything like it, and it's awesome.

Song Clip - Lost (The J. Goods Experience original music) - summer dates on last frame

Full Song - Truth Serum (The J. Goods Experience original music)


The J. Goods Experience duo ft. Diego espinosa (Summit county, co)

The J. Goods Experience con Diego Espinosa is half of The J. Goods Experience con Los Hermanos. The set list is inspired by jazz and blues standards that take you back to a time of speakeasies and bootleggers. This project sets the perfect tone for a fancy dinner and cocktails. 

The J. Goods Experience ft Louis Willens, Rob Montgomery, & Scott stobbe (New Orleans)

Loch Ness EP Samples (New Orleans)

Loch Ness

The J. Goods Experience ft Scott Stobbe, Benjamin Muniz Matlack, Rob Montgomery, and Louis Willens

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Loch Ness

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Live recorded 5 song EP with all original music written by J. Goods and performed by musicians based out of New Orleans, LA.

Featuring Scott Stobbe on guitar, Benjamin Muñiz Matlack on trumpet, Rob Montgomery on drums, and Louis Willens on Bass

Recorded and Engineered by Tristan Gianola

Mastered by Kee Sound

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